Year | 2018
Role | Sketch, coding, prototyping, 3D modeling, model making, campaign, storyboarding and video making
Category | Consumer electronics | Industrial design, interaction design

SLAM JUNK is an arduino-powered led office basketball hoop. Everyone knows that it's a myth that technology has reduced our use of paper of course, but there is also a unique gratification with crumpling up drafts and throwing them into the trash bin. Thus was born SLAM JUNK. Indeed, there is a long history of office-based basketball hoops, and I want to take things to the next level by integrating motion sensors, light and sound effects—all powered by Arduino. 



One day, I noticed my friend shouting 'slam dunk!' when she tossed a piece of crumpled paper into the trash can. It was a simple step to add a bit more delight to the experience—SLAM JUNK is an interactive device that provides a bit of silliness and joy. Sink the shot and watch it light up and cheer for you. Or hang it over a trash can to add a bit of tech fun to your daily life.

The way SLAM JUNK works is simple: When triggered, an infrared sensor detects the paper and triggers the LED light strip and speaker audio. (Users also can also switch off the sound effects if it becomes too distracting for their workmates; the running lights will still animate if the shot is made.)


This 3D explosive view shows different components of my final product. They were all 3D printed and then assembled together.


SLAM JUNK first prototype

This is the first prototype of SLAM JUNK. I try to simplify the normal basketball board and hoop, simultaneously, I also want to minimize my product size, depends on the Arduino things size. Because it will be hanged in the office or at home, so my design direction is that I want my product style is more like a household product or like an electronics. So I chose wood to make a hoop and back box and use white acrylics to make product coordinating with white wall.

slam junk prototype 1.jpg
interactive process 1.gif
interactive process 2.gif

SLAM JUNK second prototype