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Year | 2016 Role | Sketch, 3D modeling, rendering and prototyping Category | Houseware | Industrial design

Curiosity container is for arousing people’s curiosity when they see and use it. Curiosity is inherent for all the people. Normally, we have curiosity on the unfamiliar things. It impacts us on psychology and behavior. The curiosity container represents the unknown, because of the form of the product and the material. Having fun in every opening moment.

屏幕快照 2018-01-07 下午9.02.32.jpg
好奇心储物盒网站材料对比图_画板 1.jpg
好奇心 储物盒 渲染.1 2.jpg
渲染 爆炸图.133.jpg

Prototyping Process

3D printed my product by using translucent material